"A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.“

~Gertrude Jekyll

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The Healing Power of Gardens: Oliver Sacks on the Psychological and Physiological Consolations of Nature

I Work Like a Gardener: Joan Miró on Art, Motionless Movement, and the Proper Pace of Creative Labor
















Monday, Oct. 21


Park near the entrance of the Arboretum on Baldwin Avenue. Walk through open green gate and make an immediate left down the ramp. The Oak Room is located underneath Peacock Restaurant to the right of the restrooms.

Location: Los Angeles Arboretum

               301 N. Baldwin Ave, Arcadia CA 91007

               Oak Room (under peacock cafe)

Time:  5:30-6:15 pm Kids Club (With Renee)

              6:30 pm Social Time

              7:00 pm Meeting Time



Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 9 -10



Monday, Dec. 16

Chrysanthemums are propagated from last years plant stools. In January and February cuttings are taken and rooted in a soilless mixture that is supplemented with diluted concentrations of fertilizers low on nitrogen and high on phosphorous. During this time the goal is to develop a strong root system. Healthy roots create healthy plants. Evergreen Chrysanthemum Association (From facebook post (April 3, 2019)

stollens taken in January and February












Meristematic (meristem, Gk. division) tissue are plant cells that have the ability to divide. They are found only at the tips of stems and just above the tips of roots.

How to Grow Chrysanthemums From Cuttings by M. H. Dyer (SFGATE)

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chrysanthemum bonsai

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Use non-chlorinated water if you can.

Make Your Own Organic Fertilizer



Arrangement by Christine Leidelmeyer (2018 Show)

"Wisp of Pink"- a class 12 Brush/Thistle. This bloom won Best Brush or Thistle at the 2016 National Show. It was grown by Ron and Georgene Hedin and photographed by Eileen Halcrow. (National Chrysanthemum Society, Inc. US)

winning chrysanthemum of 2018 show by Norman Nakanishi

Winner 2018

Norman Nakanishi (Orange County)


Order chrysanthemum rooted cuttings from King's Mums in early January.






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Longwood Gardens 2017










creeping fig, a vine

creeping fig, a vine

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